Reconocimiento del pluralismo jurídico de las rondas campesinas mediante el “Acuerdo Plenario” del Poder Judicial peruano

Yuri Alekandrov Tornero Cruzatt


In this article, we analysed the role of rondas campesinas recognized for the “Acuerdo Plenario” of the Peruvian Supreme Court of Justice in 2009. The decision resolved the conflict about contradictories sentences and included the right of the special giuridiction of rondas. This is formulated in base to the legal pluralism and the ILO 169 convention form the legal doctrine of the Court. We explain about the origin of the cultural diversity into the Constitutional Chart 1993.


rondas campesinas; special giurisdiction; Acuerdo Plenario;

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2036-0967/5951

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