Rappresentazioni e (in)traducibilità del delirio: Informe sobre ciegos di Alberto Breccia

Susanna Nanni


The essay proposes an analysis of the relationship between text and images in Informe sobre ciegos (1991) by Alberto Breccia. In his obstinate renunciation to unnecessary words, or surplus signs, and by employing graphic devices that convey a "telluric and formless" world, Breccia interprets and illustrates – without making it comprehensible – the self-destructive delirious state of Fernando Vidal, one of the most controversial and fascinating characters in Argentinian literature. In particular, the essay focuses on the conspiracy – at the level of both form and content – and on the graphic (un)translatability of his delirium.


Alberto Breccia; Informe sobre ciegos; cospirazione; delirio; intraducibilità

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2036-0967/5401

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