L’arte in letteratura: Almudena Grandes e “el territorio de la emoción”

Giuseppina Notaro


In many contemporary novels, there are references to the art, in every conjugation. The writer, when using words, tries to create a mirror effect between his or her writing and the instruments used as means of art. In many female writers’ works, art attains a main role, and very often is closely linked to sensibility, the territory where emotions take place. In some works, Almudena Grandes presents characters who have an intimate relationship with art, which reveals itself as a vivifying power, as we can see in Te llamaré Viernes (1991) and Castillos de cartón (2004), and in the short story “Mozart, y Brahms, y Corelli” (2005). In particular, female characters embody sensibility generating from art.


Art; emotions; woman; contemporary literature; Grandes

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