Arte y resistencia cultural. A propósito de la Escena de Avanzada y la dictadura militar del General Pinochet

Juan Pablo Silva-Escobar, Valentina Raurich


The essay examines the complex relationship between the Chilean military dictatorship and the symbolic production about it. Specifically, we will analyze the neovanguardist art of Escena de Avanzada, whose artistic practices provide interesting visual and discursive materials. Those materials help to understand how experimental art was trying to reconfigure the Chilean artistic field and produce a critical discourse against the shuddering landscape imposed by the dictatorship. All this led to a counter-hegemonic look at the readability of history in a context of horror and destruction of the human condition.


Chile; military dictatorship; Neovanguardist art; cultural critique

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2036-0967/11397

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