Manka Fiesta: tipos de intercambio en una feria andina argentino-boliviana


  • Liliana Bergesio Università di Bologna
  • Natividad González
  • Laura Golovanevsky


Parole chiave:

Andean plateau, interchange, fair, society, economy


Interchange has been representing a part of human activities along History in many ways. So that, the resulting relationships are constitutive of our societies. Exchange for profit is just one of those forms of interchange, and not necessarily the most important. This paper focuses on diverse kind of interchange observed in the Andean region’s fair called Manka Fiesta. This is the oldest fair which still takes place nowadays in the Argentine-Bolivian Andean puna. It is the biggest of its type and maintains the same location and date through more than a century.



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Bergesio, L., González, N., & Golovanevsky, L. (2019). Manka Fiesta: tipos de intercambio en una feria andina argentino-boliviana. Confluenze. Rivista Di Studi Iberoamericani, 11(1), 312-338.