Memoria de la vía chilena al socialismo y Salvador Allende: El caso de las brigadas estudiantiles soviéticas (1977 – 1988)

Arsenio Angulo Fuentes


The aim of this article is to investigate the perceptions about the conjuncture of the Salvador Allende government 1970 - 1973 contained in the memory of the Interbrigada Víctor Jara (1977-1988), the student organization of solidarity of the Soviet period. We intend to describe the sensitivities and perceptions from the perspective of Transnational History as well as to distinguish the subject that elaborates that vision, such as the Soviet youth, which observed in Salvador Allende and other Chilean similar persons a counter-discourse to the Soviet nomenklatura.       


memory; Soviet youth; counter-discourse; transnational; socialism

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2036-0967/8886

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