Vamos ao México? Erico Verissimo como escritor/embaixador


  • Nicollas Cayann


Parole chiave:

Erico Verissimo, Mexico, Travel Writing, Comparative Literature, Writer/Ambassador


Grounded in the works of Hulme and Youngs in The Cambridge Companion to Travel Writing (2002) the article aims to place Erico Verissimo in the category of ambassador/writer. Using documentary and literature review, from secondary data and a qualitative approach, the propose is to analyse Erico Verissimo's book Mexico, (1957), as a Travel Writing exemplary. The objective of the article is, through the literary analysis of the book Mexico, to find a balance between the category of traveller "Ambassador" of Hulme and Youngs and the terminology of diplomat/ writer, of Fernanda Peixoto (2010).



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Cayann, N. (2018). Vamos ao México? Erico Verissimo como escritor/embaixador. Confluenze. Rivista Di Studi Iberoamericani, 10(1), 250–262.