Vamos ao México? Erico Verissimo como escritor/embaixador

Nicollas Cayann


Grounded in the works of Hulme and Youngs in The Cambridge Companion to Travel Writing (2002) the article aims to place Erico Verissimo in the category of ambassador/writer. Using documentary and literature review, from secondary data and a qualitative approach, the propose is to analyse Erico Verissimo's book Mexico, (1957), as a Travel Writing exemplary. The objective of the article is, through the literary analysis of the book Mexico, to find a balance between the category of traveller "Ambassador" of Hulme and Youngs and the terminology of diplomat/ writer, of Fernanda Peixoto (2010).


Erico Verissimo; Mexico; Travel Writing; Comparative Literature; Writer/Ambassador

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2036-0967/8302

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