El asilo político de chilenos y argentinos en las embajadas venezolanas durante los años setenta

Mario Ayala, Claudia Rojas Mira


This article studies the role of the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry in the diplomatic and territorial asylum applications of political persecuted in the coups of Chile (1973-1974) and Argentina (1975-1976). It is based on documentation of the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry and in interviews with protagonists, analyzing the Venezuelan asylum policy towards those countries. The central hypothesis is that while Venezuela was the main destination exiles in South America, its asylum policy was restrictive based on anti-leftist political-ideological reasons and / or through the application of guidelines for selective immigration policy. In short, the reasons of State were imposed on the non-restrictive application of the institution of the right of inter-American asylum.


asylum; Argentina; Chile; Venezuela; coups d'état

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2036-0967/8301

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