Dinámicas de resignificación cultual y nuevas territorialidades en torno a la Virgen de Caacupé de los migrantes paraguayos en Bariloche, Argentina (1993-2016)

Ana Inés Barelli


The Marian cult constitutes a part of religious beliefs and collective practices in many different social groups, including the migrant population. In this article, we intend to analyze the construction of subjectivities and territorialities around the ‘Virgen de Caacupé’ within the Paraguayan migrant community in San Carlos de Bariloche, Northern-Patagonia, Argentina. We propose a deeper insight into devotion territories, with particular emphasis on the Marian journeys, on the dynamics of resignification and appropriation of cultural practices in the local environment and on the configuration of new meanings that question the existing local devotion.


Caacupé; Bariloche; Territorialities; religious circuits

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2036-0967/8297

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