Belano alter ego de Bolaño. Sobre la creación de una identidad literaria en Los detectives salvajes

Guadalupe Silva


The article analyzes the construction of a literary identity in Roberto Bolaño's novel The Savage Detectives (1998). Starting with the hypothesis that his narrative elaborates a revalorization of the poetic, this work investigates the procedures and models of the mentioned construction. Designed from both autobiographical hints and literary types, the profile of Belano, Bolaño's alter ego, unites the author's life experiences with others that have been legendarized by literature or literary history. The article discusses not only the literary construction of Bolaño's characters, but the transformation of Bolano himself in a literary figure.


Bolaño; The Figure of the Writer; Literary Models; Transtextuality; The Savage Detectives

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2036-0967/7791

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