Correspondencia y Symphilosophie. Consideraciones sobre el intercambio epistolar de Mario Levrero y Francisco Gandolfo

Luciana Martinez


The Symphilosophie is a German romantic form of thought that refers to the collective production of ideas composing the unity of a work. The correspondence appears as an ideal means of exploring of the Symphilosophie, especially in the case of the correspondence between Francisco Gandolfo and Mario Levrero, in which the epistolary form functions as a place of debate and joint definition of ideas regarding central problems of both poetics: the search for (and therapy of) the self through writing and, collaterally, the social function of the writer. Both problems are constructed through a romantic sensitivity that is present in self-figurations of the authors, which are defined in the missives.


Mario Levrero; Francisco Gandolfo; Correspondence; Romanticism; Symphilosophie

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2036-0967/7789

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