L’evoluzione della coscienza femminile nella letteratura del secondo ‘900 in Spagna, attraverso l’opera di Carmen Martín Gaite

Maria Alessandra Giovannini


The study presented here intends to focus on the role played by the intellectual work of Carmen Martín Gaite in the path of women's self-consciousness, just returned to democracy in Spain. Martín Gaite, through her activity as novelist, essayist and translator of a diverse mosaic of literary works, builds a synergistic discourse of intertextuality that, along with the constructive power of memory in the creation of reality, gives us an alternative way, 'other', right of women's writing. The writing becomes a place, an 'elsewhere', physical
and symbolic at the same time, of female identity building, away from the traditional role imposed by men in the society and in the logos.


Female Spanish narrative; memory; intertextuality; literary translation

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2036-0967/7781

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