Gènere i diversitat sexual en la literatura infantil valenciana del segle XXI: una anàlisi dels materials literaris a l’aula d’educació infantil

Miquel A. Oltra-Albiach, Rosa Pardo-Coy


This research starts out from an educational perspective: as literature a teachers in a Teacher Training College, we have noted the lack of diversity in family patterns in the text books. We have also observed how various stereotypes related to gender roles within families, jobs or the way in which gender itself expresses, are still present in the texts that schools offer to beginning readers. In this paper, we approach the Valencian literature for beginning readers in order to analyze the family structures and the treatment of roles of its members in various literary genres from books targeted at pre-school education (five years).


sexual diversity; children's literature; gender; textual analysis; literature education

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2036-0967/7756

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