Las raíces comunes de los cuentos populares en Europa y América: un estudio de género

Anna M. Devís Arbona, Silvia-Maria Chireac


The hypothesis of our research focuses on the idea that folk literature favours the knowledge of roots, history and symbols that form a nation’s culture or identity, and, therefore, represents a tool of approach between peoples towards establishing the common models of different cultures (Devís, 2013; Devís y Chireac, 2015). For that reason, we consider to study the image of the woman in some folktales from different places of Ecuador and Peru. Our aim is to analyse if the social role of the woman was influenced by the background of the Pre-Colombian cultures or by the European colonization.     


folk literature; female characters; social functions; cultural syncretism; gender perspective

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2036-0967/7755

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