Manuel Gálvez y la concepción del Interior argentino en sus textos de juventud. Coherencias y “rupturas ideológicas” (1910-1922)

Santiago Javier Sánchez


In this article, we will focus on some of the first works of Manuel Gálvez (El diario de Gabriel Quiroga, La maestra normal, La vida múltiple, La sombra del convento, La tragedia de un hombre fuerte) and on the conception of Argentine ‘Interior’, a geographical and cultural region. Our purpose is to study both the political coherence of the young Gálvez and his ‘ideological ruptures’, contradictions and ambiguities which provoke his fluctuations between right and left, past and present, tradition and modernity.


Manuel Gálvez; first works; Argentina; Interior; ideological ruptures

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