Os italianos no espaço público de Santa Catarina (Brasil). Entre epopeia e festas étnicas

Chiara Pagnotta, Gláucia de Oliveira Assis


This communication aims to show the public representation of the Italian immigration in Santa Catarina State (Brazil). Particularly, the recreation of the Italian public identity in two festivities which take place in Santa Catarina State: the Festa da Porca Pipa (Criciúma) and the Festa do Vinho (Urussanga), about which the two authors have developed their ethnographic study (2014). This ethnography, the memories produced by the descendents of Italian immigrants, and the interviews conducted by two autors are the sources of this article.


Italian identity; Memory; Ethnic festivals; Santa Catarina; Brazil

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2036-0967/7078

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