Resistências antissalazaristas em São Paulo/Brasil, exílio, cultura e identidade: Portugal Democrático (1956-1977)

Maria Izilda Santos de Matos


The newspaper "Portugal Democrático" was created by a gourp of Portuguese anti-salazarists, exiled in São Paulo/Brazil, in the years of 1950. Research on the struggles and opposition to Salazarism has not valued the resistance to the regime outside the country, ignoring the actions that denounced the authoritarianism of the Salazar regime. In this way, this article proposes to analyze the newspaper "Portugal Democrático" recovering its trajectory, articulations, and issues faced by the exiled people.


Portugal Democrático; exiles; antisalazarism; portugueses; São Paulo/Brasil

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2036-0967/7077

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