Una principessa azteca: Tecuichpotzin Ichcaxochitzin – Isabel de Moctezuma

Rosa Maria Grillo


In the framework of the ‘gender studies’ dedicated to forgotten women in history, a prominent place is occupied by Tecuichpotzin Ichcaxochitzin (“Cotton flower, the revered daughter of the lord”)   daughter of Moctezuma II, was probably born at the end of the first decade of the sixteenth century. Baptized as Isabel de Moctezuma, she lived a life straddling two worlds and two eras: daughter and wife of kings, repudiated by Cortés, she is sometimes described as the anti Malinche, loyal to her people but perfectly integrated in the colonial system. This paper will compare different sources – historical chronicles of that time and subsequent periods, historical fiction   in order to provide a credible profile and to correctly interpret such contradictory comments and opinions.


Tecuichpotzin Ichcaxochitzin; Isabel de Montezuma; Mexico; Cortés; historical novel

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