Imaginarios en el arte popular de Chiapas


  • Jesús Morales Bermúdez CESMECA-UNICACH


Parole chiave:

Chiapas, craft, myths, poetry


Under the guidance of intuition, in this paper I concentrate on the theme of certain imaginaries and representations in Chiapas from a rare point of view. It traverses some route of conception of the world and of the language inscribed in the craft objects, objects useful in first instance for its creators, before its decorative function or aesthetic stimulation for the consumers. This conception of the world does not exist as an explicit formulation in objects but our effort derives them from substrates of imagination, orality and literature, from which I try to draw a line, derived from myths, rites, poems. Apart from humanizing with our hands, we also humanized ourselves with the word.



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Morales Bermúdez, J. (2016). Imaginarios en el arte popular de Chiapas. Confluenze. Rivista Di Studi Iberoamericani, 8(2), 207–230.