Lautaro en el ciber-espacio: memoria y nuevas practicas identidarias en un contexto Mapuche

Edoardo Balletta, Sofia Venturoli


In this text we want to reflect on the complexity and creativity of the recognition and self-recognition path developed by Mapuche young generation born in the marginal urban areas of the city of Bariloche. The group, which defines themselves as mapurbe, builds its multiple identity also from the texts of the mapuche poet David Aniñir, and from the texts produced by them in the fanzine Mapurbe'zine. From these texts, as well as from other cultural practices involving music and theatre, the group negotiate and manage its own memory and culture for the construction of an urban indigenous identity.


mapuche; mapurbe; David Aniñir; memory; cultural creativity

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2036-0967/6644

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