Família é afetos: 'a opção sexual é coisa dele'. Discursos de filhos com pais não heteros

Danielle M. de S. Sátiro, Angel Espina B. Barrio


This qualitative study makes a contribution to the interdisciplinary field of study about childhood and family and adopts a socio-anthropological approach. Analyzing the content of 8 interviews/conversations, we have elicited the meaning of family from four children whose parents name themselves as not heterosexual, all of them living in the metropolitan region of Recife-PE- Brazil. We have identified the construction and constitution of a familiar context and we have analyzed some elements that characterize the relationship between children and parents. Family is primarily defined by children as a social construction, based on affection, without considering the sexual identity of those who develop the parenthood.


affection; families from Recife; no heterosexuality; parenthood

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2036-0967/6277

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