Las otras primeras damas en la Argentina peronista: Elena Caporale de Mercante

Carolina Barry


One of the most singular characteristics of peronism is the originality of holding within it a double charismatic leadership complementary to each other. The quintessential paradigm corresponds to Perón and Eva Perón, but there were other cases, more modest, that have served to cement the argentine political culture: the marriage at power. Those first ladies redefined its role, and built spaces of power and influence in government. In this paper I analyze the role of Elena Caporale de Mercante and her new political role as wife of the most important governor who had the first Peronist government.


First ladies of Argentina; Eva Perón; Elena Caporale de Mercante; Peronist Party; Marriage at power

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2036-0967/6271

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