Pensando las familias a través de perspectivas analíticas del estado: retóricas presidenciales sobre el programa Familias en Acción (Colombia) 2002-2010

Juan Carlos Sabogal Carmona


Family forms are historical configurations conditioned by the social and cultural context in which they are embedded. This article proposes a reflection on a particular vantage point that can be adopted to understand families, namely a critical analysis of the representations of the family in speeches and state narratives. From the perspective of the anthropology of policies, we consider the significance of the representations of the family in the frame of state social policies. In particular, we focus on the Familias en Acción program (2002-2010), trough the analysis state rhetoric the families.


families; policies; Programas Monetarios de Transferencias Condicionadas; Familias en Acción; Colombia

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2036-0967/6254

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