La pluralidad lingüística en la Península Ibérica según la Gramática de la lengua vulgar de España (1559)

María José Rodrigo Mora


The anonymous grammar published in 1559 in Leuven provides an overview of the various languages spoken at that time in the Iberian Peninsula. The grammar presented the languages in a hierarchical order, based especially on the age, establishing the line Basque-Arab-Catalan- Spanish, which is not labeled as such but as vulgar language of Spain. The text provides significant exposure, although imperfect and somewhat confusing, of Iberian linguistic plurality on the mid-sixteenth century. This article presents and contextualizes the statements appeared in the anonymous work in the debate of the time in which it was published.


Linguistic Diversity; Iberian languages; Catalan; Spanish; Basque;

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2036-0967/5940

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