¡Por fin llegaste, Patoruzú! Un exitoso icono de la historieta argentina

Flavio Fiorani


With his curious argot, the South American Indian tehuelche Patoruzú is still today the most famous comic character of Argentina. Born at the beginning of 1930s by Dante Rául Quinterno, “the pampas' superhero” with his incredible strength and open-heartedness has become a cultural icon. Its success is due to the ability of its illustrator to create a series whose protagonists lack an accurate definition because they embody the complexity of an eterogeneous society. A stylised trait of great visual impact and expressivity, Quinterno's comic spread a moral message that met the public approval (of both children and adults) ready to identify with the conservative and patriotic values of Patoruzú.


historieta argentina; Patoruzú; sociedad heterogénea; icono cultural

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