(De)construcciones en la “zona”: los artistas santafesinos Juan José Saer, Juan Pablo Renzi y Fernando Espino

Irene Theiner


The writer Saer, in common with the visual artists of his “zona” Espino and Renzi, questioned how cognition functions and its representability. My proposal is to trace their approaches to the nature of language contained in the literary and visual dialogue between these three artists of Santa Fe (Argentina). They pre-dated many issues which are central to Cognitive Linguistics, starting from the experiential approach to cognition focused on the function of embodied and entrenched perception, memory and the possibility of constructing events from multiple perspectives.


Juan José Saer; Juan Pablo Renzi; Fernando Espino; Lenguajes; Cognición

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2036-0967/5399

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