Nuevas síntesis textuales en la obra “Las musas inquietantes” de Cristina Peri Rossi

Mara Donat


Cristina Peri Rossi concentrates her poetic expression upon corporality, with desire entailed and constructs an open literary text, of rizomatic style, in relation with other extra -­‐‑ literary texts in the poem Las musas inquietantes. Peri Rossi realizes an ekphrastic pro cess that enables a study of the poetic text in intermedial relation with plastic arts, not just as a description or a verbal representation. We demostrate how the ecphrastic process generates significations and aesthetics which amplify the visual into the verbal expression as new expressive synthesis.


Body; ecphrasis; plastic arts; intermediality; poetic text

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2036-0967/5396

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