El fiscal Roa Bastos: escenas del “Cristo paraguayo” y su guerra grande

Paco Tovar


In 1993, Augusto RoaBastos published El fiscal, a novel in which he revisits a moment in Paraguay’s contemporary history, offering, from a contemporary perspective opposed to Alfredo Stroessner’s dictatorship, a view to la Guerra Grande, marshall SolanoLópez and Doña Elisa Lynch. History and caracters shaped to some Félix Moral taste, get their final shape in an unfinished script, faithfull to the deeds, as describing another version of the reality for a failed film production about the same theme and a melodramatic atmosphere. That configuration, as well as a third one as an historical point of view from R. F. Burton, can be seen in Mathias Grünewald’s paintings and Cándido López’s works. All as a fiction that includes a testimonial nature, literary dimension and symbolic value.


Paraguay; Solano López; Guerra Grande; Mathias Grünewald; Cándido López

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