¿Presencia-vigencia de la democracia identitaria en instrumentos participativos? Análisis a propósito de la experiencia mexicana

Rosario Tur Ausina


This article focuses on those elements or factors which effectively make participatory democracy a useful tool for a qualified and advanced democracy, defining its identity whenever it achieves a serious, responsible and bidirectional agreement between the public authority and citizens under the best conditions.Therefore, the analysis pivots around the forms of democratic exercise (direct, representative and participatory democracy), the concept of participatory democracy and the territorial factor. However, this is not an abstract analysis as it takes as a reference the experience of Mexico in the context of several factors that characterize the Latin American political parties, taking into account the contrast with the participatory dynamic of other European countries. 


Participative democracy; Multilevel constitutionalism; Mexican political system; Federalism; Identity democracy

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2036-0967/4758

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