La visión de la infancia en los cuentos de Silvina Ocampo

Judith Podlubne


The article focuses on the analysis of two representative ocampiana poetic tales "Cielo de claraboyas" and "La calle Sarandi", both in Viaje olvidado. The hypothesis holds that the uniqueness of childhood ocampian stories lies in the strangeness untraceable narrative voices raise, avoided to a certain identification. This development mainly appeals to notions of "childhood" (Lyotard and Agamben), of "ambiguity" and "fascination" (Blanchot) and "neutrality" (Barthes), interlinked concepts in the theories of the authors themselves.


Silvina Ocampo; stories; childhood; narrative voice; neutrality

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2036-0967/4164

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