Memória individual e discurso social Relatos de um imigrante Curitiba (Brasil), passagem do século XIX para o XX

Cacilda Machado, Sergio Odilon Nadalin


In this article, we analysed the reports of Gustav Strobel, German immigrant who came to Brazil in 1854. The author had over 60 years when prepared the final text, in the early twentieth century. We seek to evaluate the potential of this source for the reconstitution of immigrant communities, as well articulate the "political discourse" the author with the image of German immigrant and national population he built throughout the story. His memories function as arguments against a speech to the thesis of "German danger" force in Brazil during the first decades of the twentieth century.


memory; ethnicity; immigration; German danger; sociability

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2036-0967/4158

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