“Amt’añ thakhi” en Socoroma: significado y expresiones del uso de la memoria en una comunidad aymara del norte de Chile

Carlos Choque Mariño


The following paper highlights the meanings and expressions of memory in an Andean community of northern Chile. The aim is thus the identification and understanding of the various "paths of memory" or "amt'añ thakhi", used by farmers in the formal and informal remembrance of the past, both in labor expressions, cultural, as in the rituals using mnemonic devices. Additionally, the purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the use of memory as a significant tool for those companies faced with cultural and political changes, leading them to generate successive deconstructions of their own history and past events.


Andes; community; memory; Aymara culture; northern Chile

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2036-0967/3765

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