Las “Historias ilustrativas de la violencia” de Edilberto Jiménez: narrativa, testimonio y memoria

Elisa Cairati


This work aims to analyse the cultural contents and aesthetic position of Edilberto Jiménez Quispe’s illustrations of the age of violence, presented in Chungui: violencia y trazos de memoria (Lima, 2009). Jiménez, through the plastic and figurative traditional style, makes public the concealed and denied memory of the Internal Armed Conflict. The combination of testimonies and paintings is concerned as an emotional significance of memory: a space of re-established dialogue after the age of violence, in the direction of the elaboration of identity in the region of Ayacucho.


Peru; Internal Armed Conflict; Sasachacuy tiempo; memory; oral history; emotional significance

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2036-0967/3762

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