Os arquivos digitais e a dilatação da memória histórica: algumas reflexões tateantes

Aracele Lima Torres


This article aims to address some issues related to digital archives and the challenges they pose to those who work or intend to work with preservation of digital heritage, especially historians. The goal is to present some of these challenges related to the issue of production and preservation of memory in the context of digital, calling attention to the fact that digital archives are characterized by abundance of documents, which can lead to a dilation of our historical memory, but at the same time, suffer from a ephemerality that appears to be bigger than that presented by other types of archives. We also call attention to the fact that the preservation of this type of archive can be difficult not only for technical reasons but for economic and legal issues.


History; Digital archives; Historical memory; Digital technologies; Internet

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2036-0967/3753

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