Indígenas y franciscanos en las misiones de Laishí y Tacaaglé del Territorio Nacional de Formosa. Estanislao Zeballos y los niños tobas del Chaco

Gabriela Dalla-Corte Caballero


The article focuses on the discursive construction of Estanislao Severo Zeballos defending the management of the Franciscan order of the Diocese of Santa Fe, which included the National Territory of Chaco and Formosa and the Chaco region of northern in the province of Santa Fe. Throughout this vast area, the Franciscans were ordered to “reduce” and “missionary” the indigenous Toba, Mocovíes and Pilagás. The textual and visual discourse Soñando con los niños del Chaco (Zeballos, 1918), allows to develop his socio-economic project with the ideas of the Prefect of Missions, Fray Pedro Iturralde, and of J. Amadeu Baldrich. The aim was to define the proposed organization in Laishí and Tacaaglé, both founded in 1901 in the Central Chaco. 


Mission of Laishí; Mission of Tacaaglé; Estanislao Zeballos; Tobas Pilagás; Franciscan missionaries

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