Extravíos. Viaje y relato en dos narraciones de Antonio Di Benedetto

Marcos Seifert


This article discusses the relationships between the topics of travels and displacements, the thoughts of writing and fictional production mechanisms in two stories by Antonio Di Benedetto: “Tríptico zoo-botánico con rasgos de improbable erudición”(Absurdos 1978) and “En busca de la mirada perdida” (Cuentos del exilio 1983). Although these texts do not fit strictly to the matrix of travel narrative, they dialogue with various models of displacements that refer to mismatches or misalignments of the subject in its relation to writing and to literary tradition. The transfers that the texts narrate not only problematize the scriptural activity, but also engage in a questioning of the imaginary and the desires that come together in these movements.


Antonio Di Benedetto; travel; narrative; imaginaries; tradition

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2036-0967/3082

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