Biopolitica della deportazione. I corpi messicani e la Grande Depressione

Claudia Bernardi


Violence and periphery have always been central issues and useful key-concepts to understand Latin-American history transformations. This paper aims to analyse the representation of Mexicans’ body in United States, since the beginning of the Twentieth century until the Great Depression, and its role in defining the deportation inside the historical context of transformation of sovereignty. After 1929 crisis, the deportation of thousands of persons is the first massive expulsion of migrants supported by the U.S. government, a political practice that will lead to several consequences in the history of Mexico and its relation with U.S.A., besides changing completely the face of the frontier and migration itself.


biopolitics; colonization; crisis; mexicans; migrants

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2036-0967/2385

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