Sexual/Textual Migrations: Queer of Color Theory in Chile


  • Carl Fischer Fordham University


Parole chiave:

Chile, Queer, Theory, Mijaíl, Excepcionalism


This article argues that the resistance to certain foreign influences in Chilean queer thought is an understandable defense against neocolonial “adaptations” of queer theory into local debates, but can also leave issues of race and experiences of racialized sexuality by the wayside. It then examines the work of one Black queer migrant to Chile, the Dominican performance artist Johan Mijaíl, to show how Black queer theory can not only help expand the focus of Chilean queer theory beyond US imperialism and neoliberalism to questions of race, migration, and hemispheric colonialism, but also strengthen existing critiques of Chilean exceptionalism.




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Fischer, C. (2022). Sexual/Textual Migrations: Queer of Color Theory in Chile. Confluenze. Rivista Di Studi Iberoamericani, 14(2), 273–293.