(Des-)Encuentros en la Ciudad Letrada: Traduciendo cuerpo y territorio


  • Johanna Leinius



Parole chiave:

Social movements, feminism, extractivism, solidarity, Peru


In Peru, the mobilization against extractivist projects has contributed to a greater flow of communication between urban and rural spaces, resulting in the construction of networks between the feminist movement and rural women. I suggest that the construction of a discourse linking the feminist concept of bodily integrity with territorial autonomy has supported this process. I trace the complexities of this process in a country characterized by binary collective identities and the hegemony of the ‘lettered city’.



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Leinius, J. (2019). (Des-)Encuentros en la Ciudad Letrada: Traduciendo cuerpo y territorio. Confluenze. Rivista Di Studi Iberoamericani, 11(2), 219-243. https://doi.org/10.6092/issn.2036-0967/10274